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Whether you specialize in sports rehabilitation, pain management, or general physiotherapy, 3D Vertical Physio is a physiotherapy system tailored to meet the diverse needs of your patients. Deliver evidence-based, customized therapy and witness transformative results across various conditions and populations.

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What Is the 3D Vertical Physio?

The 3D Vertical Physio System represents a revolutionary advancement in rehabilitation and performance training, leveraging new generation methods to empower clinicians, practitioners, and athletes alike. This innovative system utilizes a unique vertical suspension platform combined with variable resistance elements to facilitate comprehensive 3D movement training.

Beyond traditional rehabilitation, the 3D Vertical® Physio empowers practitioners to address a wide range of needs, including essential muscle strengthening and maintenance, relaxation, and even accelerated injury rehabilitation in athletes. For example, for ankle injuries, where conservative methods often require 2-3 weeks of recovery, this system can cut that time to just 3-4 days. This versatile platform fosters a controlled environment for prevention, physiotherapy, and sports training, allowing practitioners to tailor programs and achieve remarkable results across diverse applications.

Parts of the 3D Vertical® Physio

More than just a collection of tools, each component plays an integral role in creating a dynamic and versatile platform for achieving your individual goals. Here are the key components of the 3D Vertical® Physio:

Vertical Suspension Platform

The heart of the system, this platform boasts a unique fixation base offering upper and lower connection points for wall bars. An additional mirror surface enhances exercise visualization and feedback.

Elastic Resistors

Offering personalized training adjustments, these resistors provide variable resistance levels for progressive muscle building. Different lengths cater to a wide range of exercises and user needs.

Variable Lengthened Ropes

Connecting resistors to carabiners, slings, and handles, these ropes allow for seamless adaptation of exercise difficulty and range of motion, ensuring an individualized training experience.

Carabiners, Handles, and Bars

These crucial components ensure secure connections and comfortable user interfaces for diverse exercise variations, maximizing training effectiveness and user comfort.

Ceiling Hooked Surface

Mounted on a rotating crane rail, this surface expands exercise possibilities by enabling movement in multiple planes, further enhancing training effectiveness and achieving exceptional results.

What's included:


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Our groundbreaking system empowers clinics to enhance patient potential with exclusive, cutting-edge physical therapy. This system is perfect for clinics that want to enhance their potential and offer exclusive physical therapy treatment to their patient. It is ideal for surgery recovery, accident rehabilitation, stroke recovery, musculoskeletal problems, balance therapy, and prevention for professional athletes and everyday life. 

If you want to elevate your practice beyond traditional limitations and set yourself apart from your competitors, then 3D Vertical® Physio is the perfect solution.

Why Invest in 3D Vertical® Physio

This revolutionary system replaces the need for 70-80% of traditional physical therapy equipment, offering a comprehensive solution for ground, seated, standing, and even aerial exercises. The system’s adaptability transcends limitations, allowing you to cater to individual patient needs and unlock unprecedented therapeutic possibilities.

Accelerated Recovery

Leverage 3D movement and variable resistance to target deep muscles, promoting faster and more effective rehabilitation.

Short ROI

Experience a fast return on investment through efficient treatment sessions, reduced overhead from replacing multiple equipment needs, and improved patient retention.

Reduced Joint Impact

Minimize strain on joints with the suspension support system, enabling safe and comfortable exercise for diverse patients.

Unique & Versatile Platform

Offer innovative treatment options not found in traditional setups, attracting new clients and setting your practice apart.

Market Potential

Address the vast physical therapy and performance training market with a cutting-edge solution.

Future-Proof Technology

Invest in a system that stays ahead of the curve and aligns with evolving rehabilitation trends.

3D Vertical® Physiotherapy Exercise Applications

The 3D Vertical® Physio’s versatility allows for a range of exercises, catering to diverse needs and treatment goals. Whether focusing on rehabilitation, strengthening, or athletic performance enhancement, this innovative platform facilitates a dynamic and personalized training experience.


In rehabilitation, our innovative suspension system allows for pain-free movement and rapid recovery by suspending different parts of the body. This approach facilitates gentle stretching and movement, promoting stability and accelerating the recovery process.

Musculoskeletal Problems

Our system utilizes specialized slings to support the body, ensuring a pain-free experience and reducing the risk of injury. By providing targeted support, 3D Vertical Physio helps individuals with musculoskeletal issues regain strength and mobility safely.

Coordination Development

Our innovative system has a dynamic force field that interacts with the bar to create resistance in multiple directions. This multidimensional approach challenges coordination skills and promotes balanced movement, enhancing overall coordination abilities.

Muscle Development

The system’s unique multidirectional force field enables three-dimensional exercises that target muscle development and stretching. By connecting resistors to various points within the force field, users can engage in dynamic, multi-phase exercises to optimize muscle growth and flexibility.

Specialized Sports Training

The system offers an array of exercises designed to deliver exceptional results across various sports disciplines. Developed by experts with extensive experience in elite athletic training, this specialized program unlocks peak performance potential without borders. This transcends traditional boundaries, inspired from elite athletic training methodologies to empower athletes to excel and achieve their goals.


3D Vertical Physio focuses on promoting flexibility and relieving tension in muscles through targeted stretching techniques. Designed to improve range of motion and reduce muscle tightness, this exercise helps enhance overall flexibility and prevent injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D Vertical Physio and how does it work?

3D Vertical Physio is a multifunctional rehabilitation system designed to provide unbelievable results in rehabilitation and recovery. It achieves this by offering unique positions with the help of moving parts, aiding in musculoskeletal problems, accident rehabilitation, post-surgery recovery, locomotive issues, stroke recovery, and professional sports prevention, among others. It helps in developing coordination, muscles, stretching, and special sport training.

What are the areas of application for 3D Vertical Physio?

The areas of application include rehabilitation for musculoskeletal surgeries, sport injuries, special surgeries, various joints (cervical, spine, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle), stroke recovery, and professional sports prevention, as well as everyday life activities.

How does 3D Vertical Physio differ from Red Cord Therapy?

While Red Cord Therapy may appear similar at first glance, there are fundamental differences between the two systems. 3D Vertical Physio utilizes elastic ropes for a broader range of movement and resistance options, can be used without a treatment bed, offers exercises in various positions (ground, sitting, standing, or even in the air), and has a moving part that can rotate and adapt to movements. Unlike Red Cord, 3D Vertical Physio has fixation points all over the frame, offering more versatility in exercises and applications.

What are the advantages of using elastic ropes in 3D Vertical Physio?

Elastic ropes provide a wider range of movement and resistance options compared to fixed ropes. They allow for increased versatility in exercises, assisting with movements or building deep muscles effectively.

Can 3D Vertical Physio be used by individuals at different stages of rehabilitation?

Yes, 3D Vertical Physio is suitable for individuals at various stages of rehabilitation, from the initial stage to full recovery and intense training. Its versatility allows for tailored exercises to meet the specific needs of each patient, aiding in their rehabilitation journey.

How does 3D Vertical Physio contribute to stroke recovery?

3D Vertical Physio aids in stroke recovery by providing targeted exercises to improve coordination, muscle strength, and mobility. It offers diverse rehabilitation options to address the unique challenges faced by stroke survivors, promoting functional independence and quality of life.

What sets 3D Vertical Physio apart as an all-around physiotherapy system?

Unlike traditional physiotherapy systems, 3D Vertical Physio offers a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation and recovery. Its versatility allows for exercises in various positions and environments, catering to different patient needs. From initial rehabilitation to intensive training, 3D Vertical Physio supports patients throughout their recovery journey, ensuring optimal outcomes and long-term well-being.

Is it difficult to learn how to use 3D Vertical Physio?

No, it’s not hard to learn how to use 3D Vertical Physio. We provide a comprehensive education and training program for physical therapists that equips you with all the necessary information to effectively utilize the system for your patients. Typically, users can become proficient in its operation within two weeks of training.

Do you offer only a single version of 3D Vertical Physio?

No, we offer both single and double versions of 3D Vertical Physio. The double version allows simultaneous treatment of three patients in one session, making it highly efficient for rehabilitation clinics and facilities. This unique feature enhances productivity and patient care in a cost-effective manner.

Does 3D Vertical Physio help with vestibular therapy or vestibular conditions?
Yes, absolutely, with 3D Vertical Physio multifunctional Rehabilitation System we can address both vestibular conditions and provide vestibular therapy.

We can effectively assist with vestibular therapy and manage vestibular conditions through specially designed exercises utilizing our unique suspensions and 3D functionality. these tailored exercises can effectively help you regain stability and improve your patient’s overall well-being
Can I order 3D Vertical Physio in different colors?

Yes, you can. We offer 3D Vertical Physio in two color options, blue-white and red-metallic. However, if you’d like to customize the color scheme further, we can accommodate your request. Simply reach out to our company for more information on additional color options.

How is 3D Vertical Physio installed in my clinic?

After placing your order with 3D Vertical Corporation, our team will handle the installation process seamlessly. Our experts will install the equipment in your facility hassle-free, ensuring that it is set up and ready for immediate use.

What is the expected return on investment (ROI) for having 3D Vertical Physio in my clinic?

Determining the specific ROI of 3D Vertical Physio for your clinic is challenging as it depends on various factors, such as your patient volume, operating costs, pricing strategy, and others. However, we can share that based on data from our partners, clinics implementing 3D Vertical Physio have experienced positive returns on investment. See graph below.

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