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Be a part of the new dimension of rehabilitation and let your patients experience this revolutionary method. Our powerful system tackles the limitations of traditional therapy, offering rapidly accelerated recovery times, reduced pain and inflammation, enhanced functionality, and more.


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About 3D Vertical® Inc.

Born from an athlete’s determination, 3D Vertical Inc. is not just a company, it’s a story of passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of better physiotherapy for those in need. Founded by Judit Bartalosné Csák, a former gymnast whose own knee injury ignited a search for a more effective rehabilitation approach, 3D Vertical Physio emerged as a beacon of hope for those facing movement limitations from various reasons, such as sports injuries, accidents, medical conditions, and others.

Recognizing its potential, Judit and her team dedicated themselves to enhancing the system. They meticulously refined it, resulting in the creation of the world’s first 3D Vertical Physio. This innovative technology, now the heart of 3D Vertical Inc., offers a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation, empowering individuals to reclaim their movement and reach new heights.

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Experience innovative rehabilitation technologie designed for physical therapy and phyisio therapy.

Explore our multifunctional system for advanced rehabilitation solutions.

Introducing the 3D Vertical® Physio

The 3D Vertical Physio is our latest innovation. This equipment offers a unique rehabilitation experience that can help clinics stand out in a competitive market and attract more patients who are seeking advanced and innovative treatment options. It combines all the exercises that a whole facility does, about 70-80% of all exercises in physical therapy. The exercise takes place on the ground (or bed), sitting, standing, or even in the air. The only limitation is your imagination. After helping hundreds of patients successfully recover from various causes of Stroke, multiple sclerosis,injury, surgical injury, and locomotive problems , we are proud to unveil our latest breakthrough in the field of Rehabilitation.

Revolutionary Rehabilitation and Muscle Building

The 3D Vertical Physio introduces a groundbreaking approach to rehabilitation, addressing spine and motion-related issues while simultaneously fostering specialized muscle development for professional athletes.

Controlled Practice Ground

The system establishes a controlled practice environment, proving beneficial in the realms of prevention, physiotherapy, and sports. It offers a secure space for targeted exercises and routines, which enhances overall performance and well-being.

Accelerated Recovery

Ankle injury rehabilitation, which typically takes two to three weeks with traditional methods, can be completed in just three to four days using the 3D Vertical Suspension Plus. This accelerated recovery showcases the system's effectiveness in expediting healing processes.

Unparalleled Range of Positions

With its dynamic moving parts, it facilitates a diverse range of positions, expediting muscle strengthening and joint stabilization. This versatility extends to essential muscle maintenance, relaxation, and injury rehabilitation, dramatically reducing recovery times.

Break the Cycle of Pain. Revolutionize Rehabilitation with 3D Vertical Physio.

Take your practice to the next level with 3D Vertical Physio. Our cutting-edge system is designed to accelerate recovery, providing precision in rehabilitation and maximizing patient outcomes. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your clinic’s reputation for delivering exceptional care. Reach out to us today!

Targeted Solution for Varied Needs

3D Vertical Physio isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a tailor-made key to unlocking movement potential in every individual. Our system’s versatility shines in a diverse range of needs, from rehabilitation to performance enhancement – faster recovery, enhanced functionality, and limitless possibilities.

Areas of Application

Rehabilitation after Musculoskeletal Surgeries

Traditional therapies can be slow and uncomfortable. With 3D Vertical Physio, stretching, moving, and gently stabilizing different parts of the body simultaneously while suspended and pain-free is possible. This unique feature, impossible with other methods, allows for rapid recovery and regained confidence in movement.

Sports Injuries and Special Surgeries

Push past the limitations of traditional sports injury rehab. This system leverages weightless stretching and specially designed resistance exercises to rebuild injured muscles at an accelerated pace. Start strengthening joints and muscles early, preventing potential complications and promoting a smooth return to your sport.

Joint Rehabilitation

You can improve joint health and regain lost mobility with the targeted combination of stretching and strengthening offered by our innovative system. This dynamic system helps increase flexibility and build robust muscles around your joints, leading to greater movement control and pain-free daily activities.

Cervical Spine, Shoulders, Elbows, Hips, Knees, and Ankles

From cervical spine issues and shoulder pain to ankle instability, it provides a customized approach to recovery. Imagine strengthening key muscles and stretching your joints in a completely weightless environment, minimizing pain and facilitating healing. This system is particularly effective for addressing disc problems, hernias, and other joint issues.

Stroke Rehabilitation

3D Vertical Physio empowers stroke patients to regain independence faster through its targeted motor control and gait training programs. This system facilitates stabilization, promotes motor coordination, and enhances neuroplasticity, leading to quicker functional improvements and greater confidence in daily activities.

Professional Sports Performance and Injury Prevention

Our system helps athletes reach their peak potential while minimizing future injuries. Its cutting-edge training programs build stronger, more flexible muscles through precise resistance exercises while simultaneously improving relaxation and reflex response. This system plays a crucial role in their career development.

Prevention in Athletes and Everyday Life

Invest in your patients' well-being with 3D Vertical Physio's proactive approach to movement and wellness. This system strengthens muscles without joint stress, improves flexibility, and reduces injury risk. Empower your patients to enjoy pain-free daily activities and achieve their athletic goals with confidence.

3D Vertical Physio Success Stories

From elite athletes pushing their limits to everyday individuals reclaiming their lives, 3D Vertical Physio touches lives across a spectrum of needs and motivations. Take a glimpse at how our advanced system helped individuals regain their mobility and overall wellness:

"After suffering a knee injury in a skiing accident, I was desperate to find a solution that would help me recover quickly and get back on my feet. Thanks to the 3D Vertical Physio system, my rehabilitation journey was smooth and efficient. The personalized treatment plan tailored to my injury allowed me to regain strength and mobility in my knee, enabling me to return to my active lifestyle with confidence."

Carla Williams

"As a professional athlete, I rely on my body to perform at its best. When I injured my elbow during intense outdoor activities, I feared it would hinder my career. However, the 3D Vertical Physio system proved to be a game-changer in my recovery journey. The targeted therapy sessions helped me regain full range of motion and strength in my elbow, allowing me to return to training stronger than ever."

Jessica Rodriguez

"Facing a sports injury was devastating for me as an athlete. However, with the support of the 3D Vertical Physio system, my recovery journey was nothing short of remarkable. The advanced technology and personalized treatment plan accelerated my healing process, allowing me to overcome the injury and resume competing at the highest level."

Mike Heidelberg

"As a patient living with multiple sclerosis, finding effective rehabilitation solutions has always been a challenge. However, the 3D Vertical Physio system has been a life-changing discovery for me. After a year of consistent treatment, I have experienced significant improvements in my mobility and overall well-being. Thanks to this innovative system, I am now able to enjoy biking, walking, and engaging in outdoor activities that were once unimaginable."

Anna Müller

"Following a stroke, I faced immense challenges in regaining my mobility and independence. However, the 3D Vertical Physio system became a beacon of hope in my recovery journey. With dedicated sessions and personalized care, I witnessed remarkable progress in my physical abilities. Thanks to this innovative system, I have regained control over my movements and am now able to enjoy a fulfilling and active lifestyle once again."

Daniel Johnson



In our Rehabilitation exercise, the innovative suspension system allows for pain-free movement and rapid recovery by suspending different parts of the body. This approach facilitates gentle stretching and movement, promoting stability and accelerating the recovery process.

Musculoskeletal problems

Our Musculoskeletal Problems exercise utilizes specialized slings to support the body, ensuring a pain-free experience and reducing the risk of injury. By providing targeted support, this exercise helps individuals with musculoskeletal issues regain strength and mobility safely.

Coordination Development

In our Coordination Development exercise, a dynamic force field interacts with the bar, creating resistance in multiple directions. This multidimensional approach challenges coordination skills and promotes balanced movement, enhancing overall coordination abilities.

Muscle Development

During our Muscle Development exercise, our unique multidirectional force field enables three-dimensional exercises that target muscle development and stretching. By connecting resistors to various points within the force field, users can engage in dynamic, multi-phase exercises to optimize muscle growth and flexibility.


Our Stretching exercise focuses on promoting flexibility and relieving tension in muscles through targeted stretching techniques. Designed to improve range of motion and reduce muscle tightness, this exercise helps enhance overall flexibility and prevent injury.

Special Sport training

Our Specialized Sport Training exercise offers an array of extraordinary exercises designed to deliver exceptional results across various sports disciplines. Developed by experts with extensive experience in elite athletic training, this specialized program unlocks peak performance potential without borders. Drawing inspiration from elite athletic training methodologies, our program transcends traditional boundaries, empowering athletes to excel and achieve their goals.


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Redefining Movement, Reimagining Possibilities.

Our innovative system has been proven to accelerate recovery times, reduce pain, and enhance performance. Partner with us and experience the power of science-driven movement solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our groundbreaking rehabilitation system.

Break the Cycle of Pain. Revolutionize Rehabilitation with 3D Vertical Physio.

Take your practice to the next level with 3D Vertical Physio. Our cutting-edge system is designed to accelerate recovery, providing precision in rehabilitation and maximizing patient outcomes. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your clinic’s reputation for delivering exceptional care. Reach out to us today!